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We're making a positive irreversible change in the world of business automation. Together.

Why Join Us?

Working here means you’ll be part of something genuinely special. We’re different from others. People know us and are passionate about what we do. We have more than 20000 clients already...

You’ll also be making things that are enjoyed by millions. We planning to expand our business to more than 54 countries across the globe. And you will be part of something global. At all. You will be proud that the right decision was made on time and you didn't miss your chance!

We’re a place for self-starters and free thinkers. We thrive on each other’s passion for delivering amazing customer experiences, never standing still and constantly challenging the status quo. If you see this as the freedom to fly, read on.

What you will get from us is a whole heap of people who want to help you succeed. People who are passionate about seeing our business thrive. People who want to share what they know and what they’ve learned with you. You’ll get the chance to develop your skills and work on projects that are changing the experience for customers and colleagues, and everyone is welcome.

We’re at an exciting time in our evolution. We’re growing up but not growing old. We want people who can take us to the next level. People who have been there and done that, but who are up for doing things differently as well. In return, we’ll invest all we can in making sure you get the best from our family of brands. This is a place where you can get your teeth into doing business differently. And enjoy it. Business might be serious, but we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously.


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Location Category Jobs
The United Kingdom Finance, Legal, IP and Compliance, General and Administrative, Marketing, Advertising & Brand Positioning 29
USA Innovation, Research & Development, Operations 17
Estonia Legal, IP and Compliance, General and Administrative, Innovation, Research & Development, Operations 54
Germany General and Administrative, Marketing, Advertising & Brand Positioning 7
Russia General and Administrative, Sales, Marketing, Advertising & Brand Positioning 1980
Belarus Sales 190
Kazakhstan Sales 380
Tajikistan Sales 290
Uzbekistan Sales 390
Ukraine Sales 890
Azerbaijan Sales 450
Georgia Sales 250
Kyrgyzstan Sales 190
Turkmenistan Sales 190

Join Us

      Various stuff for newcomers
Most of our team members dedicate their time and energy to help young talent. Intro for creatives and copywriters, MOME, xLabs and Krea courses for designers, and so on. Let them know if you're interested!

If you are interested in working with us but don’t have any experience in this field yet, we are happy to help you with your first steps. Drop us an email, we might have a division that needs your talent and enthusiasm:

Business Units

     We do a lot of stuff, so we had to do our best to get our ducks in a row. Our seven business units share the same DNA, but do a lot of stuff their own way.  All our business units have projects which require unique and constantly changing skillsets. That's why they rely on the same fantastic pool of talent. We work in expert teams or divisions, formed around competences.     


Perks & Benefits

     Free fruit and snacks
If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we wouldn't need the health coverage. Anyway, every now and then, there's some fresh fruit and snacks up for grabs.


Below are just a few of the reasons why we think you should join us

Our values

Stay Curious: we’re on a mission to learn and are constantly striving for greater knowledge, both personally and through our work in the worlds of innovation and technology. From interacting with our communities to immersing ourselves in the events calendars across our spaces, we strive to push our own boundaries.

Be Renegade: we live to challenge the norm: through our team members in London and beyond, in our community curation bringing the disruptive and innovative to Huckletree, content, design of our spaces and beyond. Predictability? Not for us.

Rewards and benefits

Live your best life. There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, travel often, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support they need.

  • Comprehensive health plans
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Healthy food and snacks
  • Generous parental and family leave
  • Learning and development
  • Annual travel and experiences credit


Employees appreciate the chance to develop knowledge and skills without ever leaving work. And, you can customize the on-the-job training you receive to your workplace needs, norms, and culture. Internal job training and employee development bring a special plus. Unlike external job training, examples, terminology, and opportunities can reflect the culture, environment, and needs of your workplace.

  • Mentoring
  • Providing Periodic In-House Training From Internal or External Resources
  • Implementing a Book Club at Work
  • Lateral Move
  • On the Job Training
  • Providing Internet, Intranet, and Webinar Training Classes and Resources


It's important to recognize opportunities when they present themselves.  Many persons have missed careers opportunity because they were blinded by greed and vanity.  They should have realized the long-term career potential of the new job was far more important than the short-term satisfaction realized by staying in their old job or getting enormous, short-time benefits on a new one.

Applying for a job is very simple. Just fill the form on the job description page; or call us +44 (0) 131 605 1012; or email us info@unovi.invetsments
If everything is cool with your application, we'll invite you for a short interview. Interview will run through skype,  telephone or in-person. You’ll meet with one of our colleague from the Human Resource Department, who will introduce you to UNOVI and all the good stuff you will be part of if you decide to join us. She will be with you throughout the entire process and will assist you with anything you might need. You will have the opportunity to meet with the leader of the department as well.
Also, after you completed your application we will give you a test work. The test work consists of several on-line tests you have to answer. It takes no more than 15 minutes for all tasks. After getting your answers, we will give you a key to the next stage. We do this with everyone, on every level. We let you feedback what we think about your test. No matter the outcome, we’ll let you know what we think and we do this because we think this is fair.
Just like with the feedback, we’ll get back to you with our decision. Hopefully with a big and happy yes!