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Bonus shares 1:3

Buy one share get 3 for free

Initial Offer to Unovi Customers Only

14 Days Cooling Off and Cancellation Guarantee

You are given the right to cancel your Investment Agreement and get your money back in 14 days period. More Details…

Shares Buy Back Available during the next 5 Years

Share repurchase is the re-acquisition by a company of its own stock. It represents a more flexible way of returning money to shareholders. More Details...

Your Benefits Of Buying Shares:

  1. Dividends look attractive
    with the UK market currently yielding around 4.5pc, shares are attractive relative to many other income-producing assets, especially so given their inherent potential for capital appreciation
  2. A growing income
    attractive (and sometimes growing) dividends can still be found. In the UK, sectors like the utilities offer investors a robust and reliable income stream. Increasingly many small and medium-sized companies offer healthy dividends, as well as the potential for capital growth.
  3. Profiting from change
    share ownership allows you to take stakes in companies in new and exciting industries/areas as well as those experiencing rapid change.
  4. Real growth
    unlike fixed-income investments, shares don't expire or mature and you can maintain your stake in a company for as long (or as little) a time as you like. They also offer access to real asset growth, allowing you to participate as the underlying company develops and grows.
  5. Outpacing price
    inflation can significantly reduce the value of cash savings, meaning that investors should consider options for countering the threat of rising prices. Equities have historically been attractive from this perspective, with share prices rising as companies increase their turnover and grow profits at a faster rate than prices are going up

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1:3 Bonus Shares 21st August 2019

Up to £10.000 per Customer


Unovi Video©️

Spend a minute watching our video. This channel is about offers and benefits of investing in our company

Don't lose your chance

Google, Amazon, Facebook were small companies ages ago. Their share price has grown in many times since those times.

Don't you think that losing your second chance to become a millionaire is a bad idea? First lost chance was when you hadn't bought the Amazon shares 10 years ago. The price of these shares has raised more than 25 times since! If you had spent on it £10.000, now you would have £250.000!

So, don't miss the opportunity again - buy Unovi shares. We foresee that the shares price will increase by more than 17 times after the next 10 years. Other words you can earn around £170.000 spending just £10,000 right now!

What bonus shares are?

Bonus shares are additional shares given to the current shareholders or prospect shareholders without any additional cost, based upon the number of shares that a shareholder owns or willing to buy. Companies issue bonus shares to encourage retail participation and increase their equity base.

Description: The basic principle behind bonus shares is that the total number of shares held or buying increases with a constant ratio of the number of shares held to the number of shares outstanding. For instance, if Investor holds 200 shares of a company (or going to buy the same quantity) and a company declares 10:1 bonus, that is for every one share, he gets 10 shares for free. That is total 2000 shares for free and his total holding will increase to 2200 shares.

Reasons for Equity Offering

  • Raise new money to fund operations
  • Grow the business
  • Purchase land or buildings
  • Pay down debt
  • Increase working capital

There are many reasons for Unovi to provide such A Series offerings, these are:


You must be aged 18 years or over and must be a resident of certain countries: China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Furthermore, you have to be certified high net worth investors or sophisticated investors or self-certified sophisticated investors or existing investors in UCIS or corporate entity.

Shareholder perks

While investments should be chosen for their potential dividends and capital growth, shareholder perks can be a welcome bonus. Join our 20,000 clients and start earning with us in under 5 minutes. Buy shares online or become a Fixed income investor.

No. Perks

Minimum number of shares required to qualify


1 Annual Free Subscription To Any Paid Plan
Plus 15% to annual rates on Fixed Investor Income plans
Professional Website Design, worth up to £500
£250 Advertising Voucher to promote a website
(Ten Thousand)
2 Annual Free Subscription To Any Paid Plan
Plus 10% to annual rates on Fixed Investor Income plans
Professional Website Design, worth up to £200
(Five Thousand)


3 20% Off Any Paid Plan
Plus 5% to annual rates on Fixed Investor Income plans

(Fifteen Hundred)

4 10% Off Any Paid Plan

(A Hundred)