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General administrative assistants are responsible for managing projects, opening and distributing mail, organizing files, and conducting general research. They may also be in charge of other basic administrative duties, such as ordering A sales department is the direct link between a company's product or service and its customers. However, a well-trained sales department does more than making sales. Your sales staff builds relationships with your customers. ... Further, a sales department promotes the growth of your business as well as customer retention. The Marketing Department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of an organization. ... It is the Marketing Department's job to reach out to prospects, customers, investors and/or the community, while creating an overarching image that represents your company in a positive light.
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  • Regional Director
  • PA to Regional Director
  • Bookkeeper
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager

How is the hiring process running

See the description of the hiring process below. Choose one of the vacancies from the list available on this page, read the detailed description of the position by clicking on the appropriate link, and if everything suits you, follow the instructions.

Applying for a job is very simple. Just fill the form on the job description page; or call us +44 (0) 131 605 1012; or email us info@unovi.invetsments
If everything is cool with your application, we'll invite you for a short interview. Interview will run through skype,  telephone or in-person. You’ll meet with one of our colleague from the Human Resource Department, who will introduce you to UNOVI and all the good stuff you will be part of if you decide to join us. She will be with you throughout the entire process and will assist you with anything you might need. You will have the opportunity to meet with the leader of the department as well.
Also, after you completed your application we will give you a test work. The test work consists of several on-line tests you have to answer. It takes no more than 15 minutes for all tasks. After getting your answers, we will give you a key to the next stage. We do this with everyone, on every level. We let you feedback what we think about your test. No matter the outcome, we’ll let you know what we think and we do this because we think this is fair.
Just like with the feedback, we’ll get back to you with our decision. Hopefully with a big and happy yes!